Thank you for inquiring about Rhea's Products. You will find that Rhea's Herbal Extractions are complete in all the nutritional properties,
because the extraction is done with a vegetable glycerin/water solution using a three-part process. At first the herb is put through a cold
process where the vitamins and enzymes are retained. Second, it is put through a heat/pressure process wherein the minerals are retained,
and then it is put through a rinse, which pulls the remaining properties from it. Because of this process Rhea's extractions are possibly
the strongest extractions on the market.

All of our herbal extractions are priced the same i.e.; golden seal is the same price as catnip or any other herb. We did this so we don't have
to look up every product's price. The 4 oz bottle is $14.50, the 8 oz bottle is $27.50, and the 16 oz is $54.50. All of the herbal formulas are
named after what there for. ie, the Heart formula is for the Heart, the Lung formula for the Lung, the Liver formula for the Liver and so on.
This makes it easy to identify the product that you want.

Rhea makes no claims of the healing power of her extractions; every condition is different, what works for some may not work for others. It is up
to each individual to choose what they want. We have merely followed the herbal formulas that we have found in published books and used our
technique for extraction. However, we have reports of some fantastic results.

Thanks again for your inquiry we're looking forward to serving you.